Do you believe in bottecaps?

About the project

If you see someone wearing a bottlecap, in particular a teal bottlecap with a spark symbol, it means that they hold bottlecap values and are open to a spontaneous and sincere conversation with a new human. The bottlecap is an invitation to approach and say, "Hey fam, what's your story?"

Bottlecap values

Each of the five spark lines on the bottlecap represents a value, and the circle in the middle represents the core value: belief.

This project exists because we want it to. Our belief in the idea and its values gives us the power to initiate warm interactions with new humans and build a more open society.

We strive to be sincere in our interactions with each other - to tell the most honest version of our stories and to value the people in front of us.

We are burningly curious about the stories of our fellow beings and about the world we share.

We value radical participation - this project is a reflection of the beauty and initiative of each of us - we make, wear, and act on the bottlecaps.

We see that we are all little humans trying to figure our way around this wide world, and we are connected in that shared humanity.

[wildcard value]
The final sparkline is a wildcard value for you, the participant, to imbue the bottlecap with. What kind of world do you want to work towards? (also, pro-tip, "What's your wildcard value?" is a great convo starter if you spot someone rocking one of these bottlecaps ;) )

Make your own bottlecap pin

1. Grab a couple of beers or lemonades or whatever beverage of your choice that comes in a glass bottle with a metal cap

2. Invite someone you love to share these drinks with you

3. Save the bottlecaps

4. Go to your nearest grocery / drugstore and pick up some teal and silver nailpolish, a safety pin (27 mm is ideal), and super glue

5. Paint the base layer with the teal polish, and the 5-pronged spark with the silver polish

6. After the polish dries, super glue the safety pin on the inside of the cap - make sure you can still unpin and repin the safety pin

7. Pin the bottlecap onto your bag or accessory of choice

8. Make more bottlecap pins (you just acquired all the supplies after all) and mail them to dear ones

9. Let the warm random connections ensue

The Bottlecap Project
💛made in Berlin 2018